St Peter’s Church of England Primary School

Our client, St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, is a vibrant facility providing education to young children in the heart of Leeds.

Due to growth, the school was looking to add an extension to the building to form much-needed space for its Early Years pupils and to remodel some of its existing internal classrooms.

Situated in a former mining area, the ground beneath the school building contained underground voids. The team began the project by applying specialist grouting to any voids below the area where the extension would sit, to make it safe. Next, the raft foundations were laid and the masonry completed before a flat roof was applied above the brickwork and aluminium windows and doors fitted.

The mechanical works were next, and included fitting ceiling mounted heating panels, sanitary-ware, and plumbing, before the electrical works – lighting, alarms and security system – were installed. Plastering, partitions and ceilings came next, before the joinery – doors, skirting boards, windows boards and specialist furniture – flooring and decorating. Installing the underground drainage and tarmac surfacing were the final pieces in the jigsaw. 

Internal refurbishment works and remodelling had originally been scheduled for Easter but were brought forward for completion before the school fully re-opened for its summer term.

The extension works were carried out whilst the school remained open and were completed to a high standard on time and within budget.
16 Weeks
May 2021
St Peter’s Church of England Primary School
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