Weelsby Hall


Project Overview

Jupiter Construction undertook the challenging task of restoring and enhancing Weelsby Hall, a historic building requiring meticulous attention to preserve its authentic character while improving its functionality. The project included the installation of a bespoke glazed lantern, new cast iron downpipes, and comprehensive repairs to various structural elements.

7 weeks
June 2024
Linkage College
weelsby hall renovation

Client overview

Linkage College is an independent further education college offering a specialist learning experience to people aged 16-25 with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities. Part of Linkage Community Trust, a registered charity that supports people with learning disabilities, autism, or both, the college provides high-quality specialist education, care (including residential), adult day services, employability, and support services throughout Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Challenges and scope

The project presented several challenges, including working on a listed building, managing the poor general conditions of the building, and coordinating work in a live college environment. The installation of a custom-designed glazed lantern was completed successfully, transforming the hall by flooding it with natural light and enhancing its historic charm and authenticity. Additionally, new cast iron downpipes were installed, chosen specifically to preserve Weelsby Hall's historic appearance. These elements were crucial for maintaining the building's authentic character while ensuring its functionality.

  • Installation of a custom-designed glazed lantern
  • Lead repairs on bay windows:
  • Flashing around chimney and pitched roof
  • Precision slate repairs.
  • New felt roof covering on the top of the tower
  • Flat roof repairs
weelsby hall renovation 9
weelsby hall renovation 1

Project execution

The bespoke glazed lantern significantly improved the natural lighting within the hall, highlighting its architectural beauty. New cast iron downpipes and lead repairs were carried out with meticulous attention to historical accuracy, preserving the building’s authentic character. Flashing and roof repairs provided essential protection against weather, ensuring the building's long-term stability.


The Weelsby Hall Restoration project stands as a testament to Jupiter Construction's proficiency in navigating complex historical restoration efforts. Through meticulous planning, collaboration with Heritage England, and a steadfast commitment to maintaining historical authenticity and client satisfaction, Jupiter Construction has breathed new life into Weelsby Hall. The project’s timely completion and high-quality restoration work have enhanced the hall’s aesthetic and functional appeal, ensuring its readiness for future use and contributing significantly to the preservation of this historic building.

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