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Take care of your subcontractors and they will take care of you.

Everyone knows the success of a project is due to the actions of the whole project team, not just one individual. As a main contractor you need to get everyone on side from start to finish to effectively deliver any construction project.

At Jupiter Construction, we value the support of our subcontractors and we know we need to demonstrate our value in working together with them to ensure the best service.

I’m sure you have been involved with an experience where service has been terrible from a forgotten order to a disgruntled shop assistant.  You never ever forget the service you received and what’s more, you are likely to tell at least 9 others about that service who then go on to tell their friends and family about your experience.  That is no different to our clients and subcontractors.

People talk.  That’s free and easy to do. An experience will change the perception of how you conduct your business immediately.

In addition, we continue to head towards a trade skills crisis.  Those subcontractors left will be just a small pool.  They will pick and choose who they want to work with and base their service on the service they receive in return from main contractors.

Yes, clients will still continue to have tight demands and pricing will continue to be under pressure, however, in recent times, the awareness of the importance of taking care our supply chain is continuing to be a recognised need.

At Jupiter Construction, our subcontractors have been great a support to us through these early years of being a main contractor and it’s not forgotten.  We know we couldn’t have moved forward as we have without working collaboratively with our supply chain.

So, a few tips we at Jupiter follow when taking care of your subcontractors; 

  1. Communication – be sure to check in with your subcontractors. Ask regularly how you are doing.  Your subcontractors could highlight something that will mean a more effective relationship going forward.

  2. Training – where and when we can, we offer different opportunities of training which would otherwise not be directly available to our subcontractors. Together, if we all continue to learn new methods, protocols and skills, we are improving as an industry and you are helping your subcontractor to make their business the best it can be.
  4. Simply, pay them and pay them on time – if we don’t, we risk not only losing them mid project, but losing money to replace them.

And remember, industry is small and word spreads fast!  Don’t get blasé about the fact that subcontractors don’t talk about their experiences with main contractors!

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